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Wise Up Weekend

February 23rd - February 25th, 2018

$0 - $80

Wise up Weekend is a fun, fast paced weekend which focuses on God's blueprint for healthy relationships and how God wants to use us in those relationships.

The focus this year is OUTCAST. We see outcasts everyday—people who fit under a different stereotype, don’t look like us, like what we like, or believe the same things. It’s easy to walk away from the outcast, leaving them forever in that category, but Jesus never did. Instead, he walked into the difficulty of their lives to bring them the ultimate insider experience—belonging in his family.

Wise Up Weekend looks a little different from Encounter God in a few key areas:

  • All the worship Sessions are held at the church
  • Small groups will spend Friday and Saturday nights in host homes with their small group leaders. Host home will provide space for them to sleep, 2 meals and snacks and will help with transportation.
  • Students will be brought to the church at 9:00 am on Sunday for pick up
  • Recreation on Saturday will be at the Plex at the Village at Sandhills